Digital-agency where marketing
meets web-design.

We know how to stay on the top of the trend wave uniting marketing, design, and content.


Strong brand is much more than a logo and a name.

This is the thing people choose and want to hear about. We can fuel both. We exploit digital space for growth and development.

We study trends, customers, and markets. Data, ROI, and conversion are not just words for us even when it is referred to SMM. We develop a strategy and a plan for its implementation. We create pure code, immaculate design, and ferosh content. We make progress, analyze results, and look for better solutions.

What we do

Art direction
Website development
UI/UX design
Back End/ Front End
Application development and design

Catapulta is about great ideas, creative people, and high technologies. Each of us is some sort of creator, innovator, designer, strategic thinker, and a businessman. We know brands, and we know how to make your brand work on you.

Роман Молчанов

Основатель и со-владелец

Александр Беляков

Со-владелец, арт-директор

Альберт Круглик

Технический директор

Пётр Пацуля

Креативный директор

Артём Антипов

Старший программист

Владимир Лавров

Старший программист

Егор Опалихин


Виктория Урасова


If you are ready, as we are, to dive into every new project, to set a value upon customers’ time and stable mental condition, and to work hard till you hear the final “That’s awesome, let it rock!”, then send your CV. Even if there is not an opening adequate to your skills and experience.

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Phone / WhatsApp 7 925 307 73 51


Moscow, Ermolaevsky Lane, 22/26, building 1